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100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I am back earlier than planned with a blog post to kick off 2022 with a bang!

Today I am adding a really cute article from The Guardian which lists 100 simple ideas that we can all employ to help boost our well-being and mindset this year.

I think this article is important because the way in which I recovered was by an amalgamation of a whole multitude of things - NOT just solely by relying on medical intervention.

Plus... the reason I'm still in remission from (thanks NHS for the label - 'treatment resistant severe bipolar disorder') is because I practice many of these simple directives daily.

I have decided that from now on I will only be posting when I see something I deem to be important or when I feel I have something I really want to say because, (not only have I already documented a year's worth of detailed posts), but I also have other priorities for my mornings now - some of which are detailed in the 100 points from the list!

So which of the list am I focusing on right now?

1. Exercise on a Monday night (nothing fun happens on a Monday night)

Well, I am doing a work out challenge every day on an app and WhatsApp group so that's a tick for number 1 for a start! ...

I am also doing a lot of squats and some weights - just in case this mission really takes off and I end up doing the ridiculous fundraising challenge - I want to be in the best shape possible!

So far I'm enjoying it! I definitely feel full of energy once I've finished my workout each morning. The body moves and distributes the toxins and I also meditate and practice gratitude while I'm doing it too!

7. Plant spring bulbs, even if they’re just in a pot

I am also doing point 7 and I actually planted over 100 bulbs in the garden and on the drive last autumn. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing spring flowers and I honestly derive so much pleasure from it!

I never would have before, but now that I am well I can engage in simple pastimes and that's the key to staying well - KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Here are my hyacinths that I planted in November - they came into the light at the weekend and I'm going to move the others today too!

I am also doing 8,9...

16. Set aside 10 minutes a day to do something you really enjoy – be it reading a book or playing Halo

Obviously 16 is important to me (bibliotherapy is the best thing I do for my mental health) but I'm not doing 'Halo' and I don't even know what it is... nor do I want to!

I am also dedicating rather a lot more than 10 minutes to reading too!

20. Can’t sleep? Try a relaxing soak with lavender bath oil before bed

Lavender is amazingly healing. I never looked into any of this stuff previously - I guess I was just too ill to help myself - but now that I can help myself I really do employ loads of these little ploys and lavender is one of them.

I have a lavender spray for my pillow, drink lavender tea before bed, and am going to buy a new lavender candle and some bath oil when I'm next near a decent shop.

I started doing all of this when I couldn't sleep at all when trying to get off the ODIOUS disgusting drug quetiapine which I am pleased to say that I am now finally RID of...

It is such a relief to be able to get into bed and confidently know that I will get a full night's sleep!

As for the rest of the list - I am doing loads and loads of them but I'm not going to mention any more since another of my resolutions is to spend less time on the blog and more time on my novel, journaling, working-out and doing the research for my next book!

So, I need to start my day!

How many of the 100 ways is anyone else doing? Do please let me know!

You can read the full 100 ways in The Guardian article which you can find here.

Thanks for reading,

Speak to you soon,


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