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Introducing Edwin


Welcome to the official page of Edwin Charles - He’s suffered, recovered, he’s funny, he’s cynical, he’s witty, he’s pithy, his poetry’s satirical, he’s waning, he’s willing, he’s waxing lyrical, he’s heartbreak, he’s hope, he’s a walking miracle!


Romantic, pedantic, he’s sorrowful and tragic, poetic, phonetic, amusingly eclectic, he’s knowing, he’s crowing, voraciously bestowing, he’s comical, ironical, and sometimes paradoxical!


He’s loyal, he’s honest, he’ll never break a promise, he’s clever, he’s bright, he’ll passionately write, on genius and madness, on petulance and badness, he’s stoic, heroic -

If you read him then you’ll know it!

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OUT NOW! In paperback and eBook - Poems of Awakening; Through Hardships to the Stars!

             Available on Amazon HERE

Praise for Edwin Charles, Poems of Awakening

"I've laughed and cried while reading these poems! They are brilliant! I've thought about them no end. The sense of place is superb - Edwin has the ability to draw people right there with him. So many emotions stirred... and some bloody good points made!"

Patricia Moffett Cover Designer and Illustrator

"This volume provides a memoir in an anthology of poems about its author, Edwin Charles. Charles' traditional rhyming schema and subject matter echoes Ovid and Socrates, calling upon the Greek maxim of “know thyself” to narrate, testify and celebrate a personal story. This first person viewpoint, under a pseudonym, takes the reader along a tumultuous journey, traversing the author's self-perceptions of his own illness to wellness. This is what we celebrate in this anthology - recovery, love, life."

Dr Lorna Collins  FHEA, FRSPH, Author


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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