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Introducing Edwin


Welcome to the official page of Edwin Charles - He’s suffered, recovered, he’s funny, he’s cynical, he’s witty, he’s pithy, his poetry’s satirical, he’s waning, he’s willing, he’s waxing lyrical, he’s heartbreak, he’s hope, he’s a walking miracle!


Romantic, pedantic, he’s sorrowful and tragic, poetic, phonetic, amusingly eclectic, he’s knowing, he’s crowing, voraciously bestowing, he’s comical, ironical, and sometimes paradoxical!


He’s loyal, he’s honest, he’ll never break a promise, he’s clever, he’s bright, he’ll passionately write, on genius and madness, on petulance and badness, he’s stoic, heroic -

If you read him then you’ll know it!

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