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'Self first, duty second!' Not the other way round! Self care is key for anyone with mental illness!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

This morning I am adding an important post that I have shared on social media.

I think the timing of this addition is very apt, since I have had to remind myself of this lesson in recent weeks - hence the reason for its inclusion here today.

The fact is that:

You have got to prioritse your own health before you can help other people.

When I write these posts I very often get messages of concern afterwards but please be assured that I am well!

I am in fact, the best I have been in years and am revelling in my own company (I can't believe I am saying this) and have a deep longing to spend time in nature alone and undisturbed.

This is what people must understand - for those who have suffered to the degree that I have, it is important that they have time at this stage in their recovery to regroup, reassess, recharge and heal.

This healing may come in the form of therapy for some, but for me it comes through being alone, connecting back to simplicity and nature, and reading a huge deal to aid my understanding.

I will therefore only be writing on here intermittently - but for my regular readers - don't worry because I am also using my creativity and writing for use in other directions - all will be revealed in the near future!

Facebook post

"Many of us with mental illness are desperate to help others because we know what horrendous pain and suffering accompanies any bout of this horrifying disease. BUT we must always prioritise our own health first!

Here is a little reminder for myself and all of those other compassionate souls out there (not a completely extinct breed I think)!

The following is a comment I posted in reply to a friend who recently posted on LinkedIn:

“I think the adage ‘duty first self second’ is (obviously admirable from The Queen and predecessors) but not right for those of us with mental illness!
Always prioritise your own stability first - above everything & everyone - only then can you help others and EVEN then you must step back periodically to regroup, reassess, ground yourself and get out of your thinking mind.
It is a life long mission of learning how to live with a very serious, challenging and debilitating illness. Be kind to others but ALSO be kind to YOURSELF!”

#selfcare #selfconpassion #selflove #DyingtoStayAlive

Thanks for reading,

Speak to you soon,


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