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OUT NOW! Poems of Awakening; Through Hardships to the Stars!

So... after five years of submissions, editing, writing, re-writing, re-submitting, blogging, being rejected, writing new material, etc, etc, I finally decided to go down a completely different route by writing something in a style entirely new (alternative poetry) and self-publishing!

I have to say that although I'm thoroughly EXHAUSTED, I am also thrilled to finally have something in print and available for my loyal followers to start reading!

My wonderful friends and followers have been so supportive during this whole process so THANK YOU!

A special thank you must go out to my amazing Dying to Stay Alive family, one of whom offered to pay the costs of publishing!

I was so touched by this that I confess - I cried when she sent the email!

It is literally the nicest thing that's happened to me in years! I said that I wouldn't feel comfortable accepting such a generous offer, BUT what you can all do is to help me with the marketing side of things so that EDWIN CHARLES can reach more people!

If you do wish to help him then you can do so by buying copies to send to friends, sharing his social media posts and blogs, and emailing friends the link to the amazon page to download the eBook, or purchase the paperback:

Thank you so much, he is, and always will be, forever grateful!

I'd like to just sign off with a little 'taster' of the material he's published. I wrote lots of poems with my fellow sufferers in mind, especially this one called 'Depression's lesson'.

To download this poem and many more head over to Amazon here

Before I sign off I'd also just like to share Edwin's first review which came from our amazing cover designer Patricia Moffett who has been absolutely WONDERFUL! Again it brought a tear to my eye! She said:

"I've laughed and cried while reading these poems! They are brilliant! I've thought about them no end. The sense of place is superb - Edwin has the ability to draw people right there with him. So many emotions stirred... and some bloody good points made!" Patricia Moffett Cover Designer and Illustrator

Thank you so much for all the support you guys have given me up to this point! I will never stop writing and campaigning for mental health and illness EVER!

Speak to you all soon!

Love Edwin!

Poems of Awakening; Through Hardships to the Stars, OUT NOW! Download or purchase your copy here:

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