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Lyrical Literature; A whistle-stop tour of the classics! Out NOW!!

Updated: Nov 8

Having tried for over a year to entice a literary agent to take this latest work on, I've finally given up and self-published it!

The feedback I've had from readers has been hysterical so I decided to get it out for Christmas. It's the perfect gift for book lovers as it is all the most famous works of classic fiction precised in rhyme!

It's basically Roald Dahl on drugs! 16 works of classic literature in thousands of heroic couplets!

It's available in eBook and paperback from Amazon and The Great British Bookshop. I will be reading out extracts on social media so look out for that!

If any giftshops are interested in stocking me then I'm registered with Nielsens so it will be available through Gardeners and published through Bookvault! Please message with any enquiries!

I'm now utterly exhausted so any help with spreading the word to friends and family would be so appreciated! Reviews also help me to reach more readers so please do leave one on Amazon!

Thank you for the support!

Download or order your copy here!

TR (Edwin Charles!)

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