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Is it possible to will suffering?

This will sound bizarre to many people, but it's something Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Kierkegaard and others contemplated and something I have actually experienced.

What happens is that the individual overcomes so much suffering that they find a way of taking control of the suffering by not trying to avoid it. By suffering greatly the wise man embraces God, accepts 'Thy will be done", and finds that the spirit quickens towards Him as a result.

Dostoevsky wrote and spoke about a time he was due to be executed and as he stood in line to be shot, his eyes were drawn to the church steeple and he felt an inexplicable closeness to God. He was saved and his spirit quickened as a result. (So did his writing!)

It is at this point that a profound wisdom, understanding, and courage enters the individual.

The process is as follows:

  • Survive the suffering (courage revealed, Nietzsche)

  • Be willing to suffer ALL for the Good in truth

  • Read, reflect, think critically. (Kierkegaard)

  • Suffer again, lament towards and (probably) rally against God (Dostoevsky)

  • Spirit quickening

  • Unshakable faith "Thy will be done." (ability to WILL suffering enters)...

The individual is now free and is wholly reflecting himself to himself. This is his true self before God.

It is very hard to explain this in words and I'm sure it's rare to get to this profound level of understanding. It takes enormous suffering for the spirit to quicken as mine has. BUT suffering is the key to freedom and when you get to this point the bliss in the closeness to God makes the individual actually will suffering to feel the connection more strongly.

It is a humility that is required. An acceptance of 'I will go lower and more humble if I have to Lord.' When you truly mean that, then the door opens.

All true. Please think hard people. Be prepared to suffer. Do not try to avoid suffering by plastering your pain with temporal rubbish.

Open your hearts to the bible, to God. See clearly. See how society is falling into the abyss without God. It takes a huge effort to get here but the journey through suffering is worth it.

The answer isn't pills, money, doctors, therapists or anything else... it takes work but it is the way, the truth, and the life.


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