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A heart must be tried by pain!

I have finally finished the second massive edit on my romance novel and I am (exhausted) but very happy with it!

I realise now that as well as horrific suffering with depression, I was also suffering from limerence. Writing a romance novel has helped to free my wounded heart.

What we must realise is that pain and suffering are part of the human condition. As humans we try to avoid suffering and move towards happiness, but the key for me was to say 'yes' to suffer all for the Good (Kierkegaard).

Writers who have suffered in their hearts are the ones who write the best romantic fiction (Brontes, Austen, Hardy, Du Maurier etc) and there is a cathartic healing in the process of writing it all down.

Anyway, I have resubmitted to agents and have already had some very positive feedback.

Fingers and toes tightly crossed!

As usual poetry has been very healing. This one by Adelaide Anne Proctor is particularly relevant. Enjoy!


Let thy gold be cast in the furnace,

Thy red gold, precious and bright;

Do not fear the hungry fire,

With its caverns of burning light;

And thy gold shall return more precious,

Free from every spot and stain;

For gold must be tried by fire,

As a heart must be tried by pain.

In the cruel fire of sorrow

Cast thy heart, do not faint or wail:

Let thy hand be firm and steady,

Do not let thy spirit quail:

But wait till the trial is over,

And take thy heart again;

For as gold is tried by fire,

So a heart must be tried by pain!

I shall know by the gleam and glitter

Of the golden chain you wear,

By your heart's calm strength in loving

Of the fire they have had to bear.

Beat on, true heart, forever;

Shine bright strong golden chain;

And bless the cleansing fire,

And the furnace of living pain!

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