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Christmas discount from Edwin Charles!

It's been a big effort this year with the publication of two titles plus writing a full novel and editing another! I've also been marketing and selling at Christmas fairs.

The effort has been worth it though, and between online sales and fairs I've managed to get over three thousand copies (digital and paperback) out there to my readers!

I've also managed to get Lyrical Literature; a whistle-stop tour of the classics, stocked in the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, and Coles Books in Bicester. There are also several other potential stockists who are considering Lyrical Literature and may well be stocking in the new year too!

So, it's been busy but definitely worth it.

As an incentive for more readers over Christmas, I've made the eBook $2.99 for a limited period! I've had some wonderful feedback and some great reviews, the latest of which I've pasted below...

What a clever book this is; a fresh, engaging take on the classics. The author has a superb and lyrical command of language and takes us on a romping journey throughout. It would make a superb Christmas gift. I read it from cover to cover in one go but equally you can dip into or out of it as you choose. I loved the rollicking pace of it and also the sly humour. Fabulous!

I am now having a rest over Christmas and doing tonnes of reading! I'm currently rereading Emma by Jane Austen and am then going to get stuck into all the books I've requested from Santa...

I hope he delivers!

Merry Christmas!


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