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The theory of everything

I'm so bored of having all of this information in me and not sharing it, so I'm dumping some of it down here!

I've been told that my book is too long (I can't see how to shorten it and nor can anyone else yet, and no one in publishing has appeared) yet... so I'm writing a very basic outline of the next book here, and then if anyone thinks it might be important then they can ask me.

Here goes...

Happiness is fleeting. Temporary. An illusion. We should forget about chasing happiness and focus on minimising pain and opening the door to our higher selves.

This happens by mininmising the ego which is basically totally out of control in virtually everyone.

You do this by escaping what Stuart Wilde calls the 'Tick Toc' world and what I call the 'real world' (that's the term that you lot use to describe the ego-centred world of 'wants' where you subscribe to a system that requires you to suffer enormous stress to 'gain' material things that your ego tells you will make you happy) ...


This is all total bullshit and I have only seen it as I've traversed hell and come out the other side.

Seeing this also takes a tonne of deep introspection and COURAGE, and you have to embrace a life of NOT 'owning' anything or anyone (this is all an illusion and impossibility anyway), and of being on your own. Solitude is the answer to a lot of the problems - you have to break from the 'wave' of society to become a 'particle', [this is what you lot are trying to do by gaining 'more' to separate yourselves from each other (from a place of ego) so that you can be perceived as 'special' in the eyes of others in order to belong to a little group of people you perceive as 'similar' to make you feel safe]... 🤣 - not gonna work!

You are also doing this to gain the temporary state of 'happiness' which you think you want. (ego again) ...


The key is to understand that less is more and more is less. The less you have in terms of material BS the more you gain in understanding and spiritual development (connection to true essence/higher self) ...😇

You have to put things in terms of wants and needs. If it's a want, then you don't need it because it's your ego telling you that you need it to make you happy. Wrong. What you are doing is trying to mask a void that's been created by ignoring the spiritual or 'higher-self' part of your being. This is your true essence.

Interestingly this is what has been stirred in everyone as a result of The Queen's death and why everyone is coming together to feel connected to each other {shame it takes something like that for people's egos to dissolve enough for them to feel connected}!! 🤦‍♂️ Wait a week and everyone'll be back in tick tock ...

Anyway, if it's a need then for survival's sake you probably are going to have to find a way of getting it, (water, food, shelter, nourishment, for the mind/soul) That is all you NEED.

If you can also see every circumstance or event in your life as an opportunity for learning, then this will also change everything for the better.

We are brainwashed from our school days. We're taught all the wrong things. We are taught by a bunch of screaming brainwashed egos that tell us that we'll only be happy if we compete to be 'better' than others so that we can gain more and 'succeed'.


We are all victims of victims.

Oh dear.

I'm not angry by the way, I'm grateful for all the lessons I've learnt in terms of shit relationships, disaster, near-death experiences, psychiatric chemical lobotomies, hospital (prison) incarcerations, brainwashing, 'loss', trying to conform to something that doesn't align with my being, and deep deep suffering & pain, because all of this taught me how to turn the wheel in the opposite direction and find the happiness and contentment which is WITHIN me and not in anything or anyone external to me.

If you could bottle this you'd be very rich, but then your ego would go mad and you'd have to buy loads of things to calm it down, then you'd lose touch with the very thing you found which made you content and then you'd have to get rid of all your money so that you could access the very thing that you finally found through suffering that made you content in the first place...

See, there's no point!

Once you see all of this then you are free.

You should never have to ask other people for permission to be!

Get out of 'tick-tock' ('real world' thinking) and liberate yourself!

It is all incredibly simple really.

The things I deem important to read extensively in order to start to comprehend are: Freud, Jung, Rogers, Arthur Schopenhauer, Sadhuguru, Teal Swan, Dr W.Dyer, Stuart Wilde, PLATO, & The Tao Te Ching. (plus a whole host of other self-help and realisation sources and a tonne of contemplation).

Without writing a ridiculously long holy grail (oh I have) then I cannot really explain how I got here. All of this other stuff is another book but whether there's any point in doing that then who can say!

I am off now for at least two months on my own to enjoy my particle existence away from the 'tidal wave' of the brainwashed, so called 'real world'.



P.S. Here's a very basic video which includes some of the points I deem to be important!

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