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Social support & friendship is the best medicine but only as long as the communication is on point!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

I really wanted to add a quick post today because I feel as though I've neglected the blog recently and I want to assure people that I am not running out of steam!

I have so nearly stuck to my promise of churning out a daily blog post for this year, but since contracting shingles and then having a tonne of people to support, the blog has had to take a back seat!

The focus of my writing has also had to go elsewhere since I've been working SO HARD on both the manuscript for my book and the book proposal to try to attract a publisher.

I cannot stress how hard getting published is but I will not give up!

I know that what I am doing is important so I just need to keep persisting in finding that perfect confessional memoir/self-help/mind body & spirit expert publisher!

Come on where are you?!

Mental Wealth Summit 2021

I am going to write a detailed post to cover the Mental Wealth Summit (which I have just attended over the last three days), but wanted to briefly mention it today.

In short - it was incredible.

It was the first time since starting this 'mental illness education mission' that I felt as though I was truly with the right people.

Every speaker had an important message and each one understands that the current treatment paradigms for mental healthcare are basically BS (i.e drugging people to the eye balls and forcibly bulldozing them to the floor and injecting poisons is not always the best course of action)!!

But, although I wanted to talk for hours individually with each speaker, it was the fellow patients and sufferers of doctor-driven or 'iatrogenic' harm that I really connected with.

We were communicating through the chat and I am so happy to say that I have managed to connect with several of them already which is wonderful.

Hopefully we can all support each other and work collaboratively to instigate a change - my God do we need one!!!

Communication is key

In this very quick and brief post this morning I thought I'd add a note on communication.

This is related to the summit since one of the members sent me the most wonderful video which really made me laugh (added at the bottom of this post).

Communication in mental illness has been on my mind in recent weeks since I've been analysing the root causes of my condition.

Apart from the fact that we need a tonne of education for those who say 'get over it', 'man up', or 'stop sponging off your parents you lazy asshole' to those of us who are literally DYING TO STAY ALIVE with depression, we also need better communication between patients and professionals, and between ourselves and our supporters.

The sufferer always feels misunderstood - that's part of the condition - but the supporter is so often at a loss as to what to do.

It is something that I will write in detail (and seriously about) in the coming weeks, but today I want to keep the mood light by adding the funny video to make you all think and smile!

Hope you enjoy it!

There will be more to come on the Mental Wealth Summit in the coming posts, but in the meantime a MASSIVE thank you to the amazing psychiatrists who organised the event - Drs Rani & Suraj who were both wonderful.

It is a comfort to know that there are psychiatrists out there that truly get the reality of what's going on and KNOW that things need to change DRASTICALLY if we are going to see an improvement in the approach to treating vulnerable (and often terrified) patients.

Thanks for reading,

Speak to you soon,


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