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No more ego and no more 'real world' BS

I haven't written anything on here in quite a while because I've been so consumed with trying to find an agent/publisher for my book/books (I have several), but as yet to no avail!

Although this has been incredibly frustrating in recent weeks, I've managed to make peace with the whole thing and see it as an opportunity for learning.

In a nutshell I've learnt that I do not need to publish for myself - it will change nothing for me since my ego is now virtually nonexistent, and it was the process of writing it that freed me from 'bipolar', not a tangible book.

BUT I am sad that there are others that it could also free out there who won't get the opportunity to read it if no one publishes it! But what can I do?! 🤷‍♂️

I have surrendered it to trust. If it's important, then it will happen. Perhaps I need to learn more or perhaps the timing isn't right?

All I know is that I have gone well past the whole Dying to Stay Alive! thing and I've now got to the point that I want to be discussing a whole host of other things.

The problem I have is that no one will have a clue what I'm talking about unless they read the book and this blog. This is a slight problem and means I cannot go any further until they do!

Anyway, here's a snapshot of the very important stuff I have for people:

I want to talk about Jung, quantum physics, consciousness, and synchronicity, I want to talk about spirituality and the link to mental illness, I want to talk about the difference in schizophrenia and mania and how the ego is inflated in one and diminished in the other (if it's a spiritual mania), I want to talk about the difference in spiritual mania and 'regular' mania (BIG difference), I want to talk about the 'light' and 'dark', dark night of the soul and awakening, shadow, and higher self, I want to talk about the importance of etheric energy in 'madness', I want to talk about 'wants' and 'needs', I want to talk about freeing yourself from the inside, I want to talk about Sadhuguru, the Buddha, Tao, and Stuart Wilde, I want to talk about the brainwashing of society or 'collective unconscious' and why this is a massive problem in society and is directly connected to the increasing rates of suicide, I want to talk about the fact that I will never watch or listen to the main stream media again, I want to talk about the fact that solitude and loneliness are totally different and why I crave and adore solitude... I want to, but I don't have to because my ego tells me that I need to be Tao about it and let the rivers come to me.

So, I guess when the time is right people will ask me!

But the problem I have is that no one listens to me because I don't have letters after my name, and I've been pigeonholed as 'bipolar'.


The question you all have to ask is:

Would you rather listen to a lecture by a pilot who learnt from a textbook or from someone who flew across vast oceans repeatedly, in storms and tempests, winds and howling gales, for years and years as well as studied the mechanics of the plane from inside it, walked through the shadow of the valley of death, went to heaven and came back to tell you about it?

You choose!

One day they may publish me and then I can start discussing all this other stuff. Until then I'm afraid I cannot keep posting!

If there is a psychiatrist or psychologist or awakened soul who would like to talk about this stuff, then the door is open! I am so perplexed and dumbfounded quite frankly that not one of the 'professionals' I saw in the twenty years of my 'illness' ever asked me about any of this!

The effect of education I suppose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.s A lot of what I know comes from looking at everything in a different way. From a very basic level it starts with the necker cube, but these 3D images are also quite a fun place to start. Can you see the cherub on her ring reading her book in the cover image? What about the little spaceman below?!

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