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Introducing Edwin Charles!

Sorry for the break in posts - I have been very busy with my 'friend' Edwin Charles who has now completed two poetry books!

He tells me he is absolutely sick to the back teeth of sending submissions to literary agents and publishers so he's taking the plunge and self-publishing!

I hope you will all support him! Here's his author description and some images of the fonts and cover he's currently working on!

Introducing Edwin He’s suffered, recovered, he’s funny, he’s cynical, he’s witty, he’s pithy, his poetry’s satirical, he’s waning, he’s willing, he’s waxing lyrical, he’s heartbreak, he’s hope, he’s a walking miracle! Romantic, pedantic, he’s sorrowful and tragic, poetic, phonetic, amusingly eclectic, he’s knowing, he’s crowing, voraciously bestowing, he’s comical, ironical, and sometimes paradoxical! He’s loyal, he’s honest, he’ll never break a promise, he’s clever, he’s bright, he’ll passionately write, on genius and madness, on petulance and badness, he’s stoic, heroic - If you read him then you’ll know it!

In the paperback he tells me he's going for big swirly capitals to start each poem too!

He has his own page on my site which you can find here

You can also follow him on Facebook here

More updates from Edwin Charles coming soon!

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