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500,000 children on antidepressants and other dangerous DRUGS

I just read this on the front of The Telegraph. This is sheer LUNACY and the doctors prescribing these drugs want locking up. These drugs are responsible for propelling people to their deaths. Read the leaflet inside the packet before taking! All the information you need to know is there.

Society is the madness... the madness is IN THE COLLECTIVE. Once I realised this I was able to break from the lunacy of the press, medical field, plus most of society and find answers in my faith. THAT is what saved me.

Sadly the west prioritises money, fame, glory (PRIDE, VANITY, GREED) and EVERYTHING that Goes AGAINST Christianity.

Until people wise up we will simply continue to see a rise in suicide and misery. Everything as far as I can see is propelling people to hell.

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